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Lunch Hour Lecture - If self-driving cars are the answer, what is the question?

3 April 2019

STS's Jack Stilgoe gave a recent UCL Lunch Hour Lecture on the subject of driverless cars - featuring a special guest appearance.

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As part of his continuing work on the development of Automated Vehicles (AVs) , STS's Dr Jack Stilgoe gave a recent Lunch Hour Lecture at UCL, with the title "If self-driving cars are the answer, what is the question?". In addition to discussing the issues faced in the development of AVs, and the changes we, as a society, might be expected to undergo to facilitate them, Jack also introduced a celebrity guest appearance - you can find out who by watching the video above, or on the Lunch Hour Lectures Youtube channel.

For more information on Jack's current work, visit the Driverless Futures? website.