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Driverless futures? A new ESRC funded project

9 October 2018

STS's Dr Jack Stilgoe will be leading a new collaboration between UCL and UWE Bristol, looking at how the new technologies behind driverless vehicles will affect society.

Jack Stilgoe appearing on BBC news
Automated vehicles (AVs) are promised to be one of the most disruptive technologies of the 21st century. We are told that they will solve problems as diverse as road safety and sustainability, and will lead to eceonomic growth and high-tech jobs. However, the history of science and technology tells us that such paradigm shifts are rarely smooth.


A new collaboration between UCL and UWE Bristol, 'Driverless Futures' will begin in January 2019, running until the end of December 2021. It will be led by Dr Jack Stilgoe of STS, alongside Dr Tom Cohen and Prof. Peter Jones from UCL, and Prof. Graham Parkhurst and Prof. Alan Winfield from UWE. The project aims to work with the people developing the technology as well as with public groups, and will establish a hub for international collaboration and comparison.

For more information on the project, including interviews, publications, and biographies of the team, visit driverless-futures.com