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Biohacking on the BBC

28 August 2018

STS's Dr Jack Stilgoe has appeared on BBC Radio 4 series 'Biohacking'.

DIY Biology is the concept of taking what were until recently high-end lab technologies and techniques and having a go at home, in the garage or in the growing number of "Biohacking" spaces around the world. Many of the activities being undertaken are about education and fun. Some others are more ambitious; looking at changing the ways we grow and police future foods for example. But there are increasing concerns around the idea of gene editing of human beings in an unregulated, untested, therapeutic underworld.

Dr Jack Stilgoe

BBC Radio 4 series 'Biohacking', presented by Prof. Jonathan Ball, is looking into what these developments in DIY Biology mean for the world. In his first episode 'Stirring it up', STS's Dr Jack Stilgoe was on hand to discuss what these technologies may bring about in future. You can listen to the episode again via the BBC website.