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Creating Effective Warnings for All Conference

11 September 2023–13 September 2023, 9:00 am–5:00 pm

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UCL's Warning Research Centre invites you to our upcoming conference, focussing on designing, implementing, and maintaining effective warnings, for all.

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UCL Warning Research Centre


UCL Institute of Child Health, Multiple rooms
30 Guilford Street

The UCL Warning Research Centre’s ‘Creating Effective Warnings For All’ conference aims to provide an opportunity to break down silos between stakeholders, sectors, hazard types, geographies and technologies used in warnings to generate better understanding and more effective warnings in the future, for all. Held at UCL, one the world’s leading research institutions, this conference offers research knowledge and skills from within academia, alongside lessons from the many stakeholders we work with, to help explore not just the creation and implementation of warnings, but how they can be effective, inclusive, sustainable and people-centred. Quality research, that goes beyond a single case study and/or hazard, and provides evidence-based solutions can provide valuable insights. In addition, we aim to help bridge research, action, and policy to help support the Early Warnings For All initiative alongside UN Sendai Target G, and the International pandemic agreement (WHO CA+).

The 3-day international conference will be held in person, with some virtual capacity, focused on warnings bringing together a wide range of stakeholders, representing many areas of the globe to review what makes warnings effective for all. This will not be a traditional style conference but one that adopts:

  • Scenario events for delegates to partake in and learn in person the challenges and potential solutions for effective warnings.
  • Stakeholder mapping / mind mapping and analysis as part of 'problem based sessions'.
  • Artists / performative events.
  • A range of discursive events including: Games, Campfires, Birds of a Feather, storytelling, and ‘Solution Rooms’.
  • Other, more standard conference-style events (e.g. focus groups, workshops).

Full programme and further information is now live on our dedicated website.