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'Geologies of Race, racializing geology'

23 October 2019, 4:00 pm–6:00 pm

Fallen Statue

Kathryn Yusoff

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Geology is a discipline that explains the Earth through its codification of matter and time to posit origin stories. It is world-making and future building. This field of temporal markers locates and sediments the narratives of the political present, most notably in the thesis of the Anthropocene. One geologic origin story that can be told through the Anthropocene is of colonialism as a development of matter into resource, property and progress. Another, of land into territory and alienation. Bodies, personhood and relation get caught up in the ontological wake of this violent and racialized geology. In the context of histories of geological thought, Geologies of Race speculatively engages with the relation between materiality and race.

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Kathryn Yusoff