Statistical Science


Dr Hilde Wilkinson-Herbots

PositionSenior Lecturer
Phone (external)020 7679 1870
Phone (internal)41870

* @ucl.ac.uk

Biographical Details

Hilde is a Lecturer in the Department of Statistical Science, UCL. She has a PhD in Statistics from the University of London (Queen Mary and Westfield College) for a thesis which was concerned with stochastic models describing genealogy and genetic differentiation in subdivided populations. She joined UCL in 1994 to work on a consultancy project funded by the Forensic Science Service, studying mitochondrial DNA and its use for forensic identification. She held a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship from 1995 until 1999. Hilde works half-time because of family responsibilities.

Research Interests

Applications of probability theory and stochastic modelling in genetics and, more recently, epidemics.

Selected publications

  • Wilkinson-Herbots HM (2008): The distribution of the coalescence time and the number of pairwise nucleotide differences in the "isolation with migration" model. Theoretical Population Biology 73(2):277-288.
  • Stone P, Wilkinson-Herbots H, Isham V (2008): A stochastic model for head lice infections. Journal of Mathematical Biology 56:743-763.