Statistical Science


Environmental Statistics

Theme Overview

Activities under this theme include contributions of statistics & data science to applications in any area of environmental science and engineering, broadly interpreted; as well as methodological developments with potential applications in these fields. Much of the research within this theme is interdisciplinary and collaborative, with strong links to other environmental science groups within and beyond UCL including the UCL Met Office Academic partnership, Earthquake and People Interaction Centre (EPICentre), Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research and the Department of Geography

Theme members

Richard Chandler (Theme Lead)Climatology; hydrology; ecology; natural hazards; multimodel ensembles; space-time modelling; statistical downscaling; time series and trends; uncertainty analysis
Clair BarnesBayesian statistics, uncertainty quantification, environmental statistics, climate & meteorology
Francois-Xavier BriolGaussian processes; inference for stochastic models; statistical emulators; Bayesian probabilistic numerical methods
Petros DellaportasWind speed forecasting, wind turbine performance
Alex DonovEnvironmental applications of copula theory
Jim GriffinBayesian nonparametric modelling and analysis of environmental DNA surveys
Serge GuillasGaussian processes, Uncertainty quantification (emulation, calibration) of complex computer models, functional data, time series
Owen NicholasModelling and communicating biodiversity change
Paul NorthropModelling of extreme values; stochastic modelling of precipitation; multimodel ensembles; applications in hydrology and climatology
Dimitra SalmanidouTsunami modelling, uncertainty quantification, sensitivity analysis, Bayesian calibration, statistical emulation
Emma SimpsonExtreme value analysis; copulas and dependence modelling; spatio-temporal modelling
Katerina StavrianakiStatistical seismology; stochastic modelling; seismic hazard and rock mechanics
Meng TongEnvironmental economics, spatial statistics
Hilde Wilkinson-HerbotsApplications of probability, statistics and stochastic modelling to problems in genetics (including population genetics, evolutionary genetics, ecological genetics, forensic applications); epidemic models

Current and recently funded projects