Statistical Science


Dr Christian Hennig to speak in the president's invited session at IFCS 2013, Tilburg

24 March 2013


Dr Christian Hennig has been invited by the president of the International Federation of Classification Societies (IFCS), Iven van Mechelen, to give a presentation on "Measurement of quality in cluster analysis" in the president's invited session at the IFCS 2013 conference in Tilburg, the Netherlands, 15-17 July. Dr Hennig will give further invited presentations on the same topic at the Summer Working Group on Mixture Models, Bologna, 22-26 July and the ISI conference in Hong Kong, 26-30 August. Dr Hennig has also been invited to speak at the ERCIM conference 2013 in London, 14-16 December (title to be announced).

Further current presentations by Dr Hennig are on "Measurement as a constructive act - a statistician's view", presented on 15 March at the Dimensions of Measurement conference in Bielefeld, Germany, and on "If all models are wrong, are the robust ones better?", to be presented at the International Conference on Robust Statistics, 8-12 July, St. Petersburg, Russia.