Statistical Science


UCL Partners Biostatistics Network

Biostatistics is now a fundamental scientific component of biomedical, public health and health services research. The UCL Partners Biostatistics Network is a network of medical statisticians from various departments across UCL Partners. It has been developed to improve communication between medical statisticians, and to help build a stronger presence of statisticians involved in medical research within these institutions. The UCL Partners Biostatistics network is open to all statisticians working in medical research within UCL Partners.

The aims of the network are:

  • To facilitate communication, interaction and collaboration between member statisticians
  • To raise the profile of Biostatistics in medical research
  • To enhance the methodological quality of medical research
  • To enable Best Research for Best Health

Activities of the Network include:

  • An annual symposium on an important topic in Biostatistics
  • An email discussion list to encourage communication and allow sharing of information and knowledge 

Biostatistics Web Lectures

The Biostatistics Group has recently created web lectures to provide an introduction to quantitative methods for health researchers and postgraduate students, and to provide a refresher or revision course for those researchers who have previously attended a module or short course (a UCL password may be required). Funding for these lectures was provided by the Education Theme of the UCLH/UCL Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre (BRC).