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Dr Christian Hennig

PositionSenior Lecturer in Statistics
Phone (external)+44(0)20 7679 1698
Phone (internal)41698
Personal webpagehttp://www.homepages.ucl.ac.uk/~ucakche
ThemesMultivariate and High Dimensional Data, General Theory and Methodology, Computational Statistics

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Biographical Details

Christian Hennig…

Christian is a senior lecturer in Statistics at UCL since 2005. He studied Mathematics in Hamburg and Statistics in Dortmund. He got his Dr. rer. nat. (PhD) at the University of Hamburg in 1997 for a thesis on clusterwise linear regression and a habilitation in 2005 on cluster validation and the principle of asymmetry in cluster analysis. After having obtained his PhD, he worked as research assistant and lecturer at the University of Hamburg and ETH Zuerich. He acted as a statistical advisor for more than 100 clients.

Research Interests

Cluster analysis, robust statistics, multivariate data analysis and data visualisation, philosophy of probability, statistics and data analysis.

Selected publications

  • Hennig C (2010) Methods for merging Gaussian mixture components. Advances in Data Analysis and Classification 4, 3-34.
  • Hennig C (2010) Mathematical Models and Reality: A Constructivist Perspective. Foundations of Science 15, 29-48.
  • Hennig C (2008) Dissolution point and isolation robustness: robustness criteria for general cluster analysis methods. Journal of Multivariate Analysis 99, 1154-1176.
  • Hennig, C (2007) Cluster-wise assessment of cluster stability. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 52, 258-271.
  • Hennig C, Hausdorf B (2006) A robust distance coefficient between distribution areas incorporating geographic distances. Systematic Biology 55, 170-175.
  • Hennig, C (2004) Asymmetric linear dimension reduction for classification. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 13, 930-945.
  • Hennig, C (2004) Breakdown points for maximum likelihood-estimators of location-scale mixtures. Annals of Statistics 32, 1313-1340.
  • Hausdorf, B and Hennig, C (2003) Biotic Element Analysis in Biogeography. Systematic Biology 52, 717-723.
  • Hennig, C (1999) Identifiability of Models for Clusterwise Linear Regression. Journal of Classification 17, 273-296.