Statistical Science


Friends of Out@UCL Campaign: Statement from MAPS Faculty Dean

2 March 2017

The Friends of Out@UCL campaign was formally launched this week. Professor Ivan Parkin - Dean of the UCL Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences gave the following pledge of support:

"I fully support the aims of the Friends of Out@UCL campaign. I have personal experience of the need for such a campaign and the difficulties that the LGBTQ+ community face.

Two close family members are members of this community. One who helped in part to bring me up was in a same-sex relationship for more than 45 years and faced extreme discrimination because her sexual orientation was not accepted by society - especially in the 1970's. The other has recently entered a same-sex relationship.

I firmly believe that all people should be treated the same no matter who they are- everyone deserves respect and understanding and no one form of love is superior to another."