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Undergraduate Degrees

If you’re looking to gain valuable skills in data analysis and problem solving, a BSc or MSci in statistics at UCL is an excellent place to do it. Skills in statistics are highly valued by employers across diverse industries, from science, medicine and technology, to finance and economics.

When founded the Department of Statistical Science was the first university statistics department in the world; however, research and teaching have kept pace with modern concerns, including applications of statistics in science, medicine, industry, economics and finance. We offer a friendly and supportive atmosphere, where small-group teaching and personal attention are available for all students. 

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Data Science BSc

Merging statistics with computer science, providing essential training in data science, computing skills, and algorithmic reasoning for data analysis.


Statistics BSc

A solid foundation in statistics, allowing you to focus on statistics or other specialities, preparing you for various careers in finance, data science, and industry.


BSc Statistics, Economics and Finance

Ideal for applying statistics to economics or finance careers, offering a solid foundation in modern quantitative techniques.


BSc Statistics, Economics and a Language

Offers training in statistics, economics, and a foreign language (Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, or Spanish) for global career prospects.


MSci Statistical Science (International Programme)

This BSc adds a year abroad to the Statistics program, offering advanced statistics education and international experience for internationally focused careers.


BSc Statistics and Management for Business

A joint degree combining UCL Statistics and School of Management expertise, offering training in statistics and business for careers in management, commerce, or industry.


BSc (Econ) Economics and Statistics

Diversify without spreading yourself too thin and blend economics and econometrics with math and stats, ideal for those eyeing careers in finance, business, or industry.

Learn in a friendly, supportive environment

Whichever of your degree programmes you choose, you can look forward to being part of a friendly and supportive community here at UCL, where you’ll benefit from small-group teaching and personal attention from our tutors to help you get the most from your time with us. 

Did you know?

Ranked 6th in the UK for statistical science*

Ideas developed at UCL have laid the foundations of 20th century statistics

Today we have one of the largest stats department in the country, with nearly 600 students and 50 staff all working together to answer the questions of the future using statistical data

Ideas developed at UCL have laid the foundations of 20th century statistics

48% of our research is considered world-leading and 49% to be internationally excellent*



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