Recruit a temporary member of staff

You may process certain temporary work assignments through Unitemps. The Unitemps team will guide you through the hiring process and do all the necessary checks. They can also advertise vacancies, source and shortlist candidates and arrange interviews for you.

Before you start

You'll need to give Unitemps at least three working days' notice before requesting a temporary worker. 

If you would like Unitemps to advertise and source candidates, they'll need at least five working days notice.

You'll need the following information to fill in a request form:

  • name and email address of the candidate;
  • name of the Budget Holder;
  • project/task/award expenditure code (PTAE);
  • name of the school/department making the request;
  • department organisation code;
  • job title you're recruiting for; and
  • job start and end dates.
1. Fill in the request form

You must fill in the Unitemps booking request form at least three working days before the candidate begins work. This is to ensure that Unitemps has time to complete the necessary right to work checks.

2. Create a Unitemps client account

If this is your first Unitemps booking, you'll receive an email link to create a client account.

3. Using your client account

Unitemps will send you notifications to authorise timesheets for your temporary worker(s).