Book travel and accommodation

UCL uses Clarity Travel Management to book travel arrangements. Only staff can confirm bookings on the site. If you’re an external contractor, you'll need to ask a member of staff to confirm your booking online. 

Before you start

We have kept some of the favourite features from the Key Travel service such as making a booking with your finance codes. You must make sure you have authorisation to use the codes prior to making a booking.

Clarity offer a price match guarantee so if you find a deal elsewhere, you can contact them with the travel information, where and when you found it and they will honour that price - if found within 30 minutes from accepting Clarity's quote. For details on terms and conditions and on the claim process, check Clarity's Price Match Guarantee.

Clarity have integrated their service with the latest FCDO guidance so you can stay up to date from booking through to departure and whilst away.

You can now offset your carbon emissions. We have added a carbon calculation widget and link to Trees for Life to make it easier to offset your travel at the time of booking.

For those on the move, there is also a Clarity Go2Book app that you can download to book, manage and view your travel. It is available on both Apple and Android and you can find it on the app stores.

Further information on Travel with UCL is also available in the Travel section.

You'll need:  

  • approval from your budget holder, line manager or PI 
  • your departmental budget/grant codes (your departmental Finance Officer will be able to provide this)
  • a Debit/Credit Card (for personal bookings only)
  • your RA number (if booking non-standard travel e.g. travel for field work).

Are you a member of academic staff? Would you have time to visit a local school to talk briefly about UCL and your subject, on your trip? The Student Recruitment team can make all the arrangements for you. Contact international@ucl.ac.uk for more information. 

Visit the Clarity Online Booking tool to make and manage your travel bookings.

Clarity Online Booking Tool