UCL Podcast Upload Submission Form

What will be required:

  • Link to download the MP3 file(s) – OneDrive/ Drop box/ WeTransfer
  • Link to your content archived on MediaCentral
  • Timeline & frequency - when you intend to launch and publish every episode, will it be weekly/fortnightly/monthly, or would the entire series be released all in one go?
  • Title of podcast series and description
  • Title of every episode and description which include speaker names, job titles, and key words to make your podcast discoverable
  • Link to your website where the show notes and transcript will be, tags/keywords
  • Link to download the thumbnail/ square graphic 3000px x 3000px for podcast players
  • Link to download the 800px x 400px graphic for the UCL Minds podcast directory
  • Once published by VPEE/ISD, you will get your own RSS link which will be submitted to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, Google for audiences to more easily find it.

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