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Dr Agnieszka Kubal - A landmark case to protect refugee rights

A UCL SSEES socio-legal and migration expert spearheaded a landmark legal case to protect the rights of refugees. The case went to the European Court of Human Rights and has set a global precedent.

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Dr Agnieszka Kubal (UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies), an interdisciplinary socio-legal and migration expert, worked with lawyers to develop the first application to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of Syrian refugees from Russia. 

The case involved three men (two Syrians and one Palestinian) who were charged for working in Russia without a permit. A lower court processed the immigration offences according to domestic legislation and sentenced the men to a fine and deportation.

This work has had a real impacy beyond academia and has received recognition from the UCL’s Vice-Chancellor and Provost Office as it came first in the public vote in the ‘Justice and Equality’ category in #MadeAtUCL campaign for a socially impactful and engaged research (2020).