UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Hexuan Zhang

Hexuan Zhang

Supervisors: Professor Anne White and Professor Richard Mole

Present status: PhD candidate

Working title of thesis: A comparative study of Polish and Chinese student migrants in the UK

Research: My research explores and compares the migration process of international students who chase their degree studies (BA, MA or PhD) abroad in recent years, using the case study of international student migration to London from Poland and China.
The key research questions are: What are the motivations for migration and plans for the future of Chinese and Polish international students in the UK? What are the main changes after their migration (outlook on the world, life and values, religion, self-identity, etc.)? What is the mechanism of their integration into local surroundings? 
I will apply qualitative research methods to answer those questions. My principal method is in-depth interviews with Polish and Chinese students in London, assisted by participant observation. I will join the events and meetings organized by international students from China and Poland, both formal and private ones.