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SSEES: Then and Now

SSEES - then and now…

To 'remedy the neglect of Slavonic and East European Studies in the UK', R W Seton-Watson proposed organising a Slavonic School, which was inaugurated in October 1915 by politician, sociologist and philosopher Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. By the end of 1915 the School had 20 language and history students and a staff of four. 
How the School of Slavonic Studies, as it was then called, grew into the SSEES we know today >


Alumni Stories

SSEES in the late 1940's

Professor John Keep looks back at his undergraduate years at SSEES in the late 1940s

The History of JSSL at SSEES

Training Russian military interpreters during the Cold War (1951-58)

A Woman on the Edge of Appeasement

The story of Doreen Warriner, who helped refugees to escape from Czechoslovakia

Historical Gallery

Recent Landmarks

A collection of photos from throughout the history of SSEES.Landmarks in the recent history of SSEES.