UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Use of the SSEES Library

As a SSEES graduate, you are entitled to join the SSEES Library and access UCL Library services.

There are two types of ticket:

Reference Only

You need to provide evidence of your status as a graduate (a copy of your degree certificate or transcript or your UCL Alumni Network card) plus proof of ID and home address. There is no charge for this ticket which must be renewed annually.

Reference + Borrowing

If you want to borrow books as well (maximum of 5 books at one time) you need proof of status, ID and address as above, plus a passport photo. As with the reference only ticket, you must renew your ticket annually. This type of ticket costs £50 per annum.

For queries or further information please contact SSEES Library directly: ssees-library@ucl.ac.uk