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The following enhancements are planned or have been made since January 2023:  

System enhancements

Now live​

  • Record Decision screen: Notes for student text box larger, and line breaks now save as basic formatting.  
  • Viewing list of claims screen: 'Last Viewed' by user column has been added, to keep track of when the user last viewed a claim. This updates each time the user goes into a claim.  
  • Viewing list of claims screen: 'Comments Column' has been added to keep track of a) how many comments the user has added, b) how many panellists have added comments c) total number of comments on a claim. This will help panellists to track which claims need to be reviewed / followed up / have a decision made.  
  • Viewing list of claims screen: Filters, sorting, and text searches will now be remembered if a user has added filters. So when viewing a claim and coming back to the list of all claims, any filters/sorts/searches will be remembered. This will help panellists when processing claims.
  • EC history page shows all claims that a student has created and discussions / decisions and supporting evidence
  • Student reminder (on EC homepage) when they have created but not yet submitted claims
  • DECP / FECP secretaries can upload evidence on behalf of students to support students in exceptional cases​
  • Timestamp added to panel discussion comments  
  • IBSC students now able to submit EC claims on Portico
  • Professional Doctorate and MPhilStud students now able to submit EC claims on Portico


Planned (by end of June)

  • Add “next” / “previous” buttons to each record so that panellists can move through claims without having to return to list screen
  • Add column to show year of study on All Claims View page
  • Add decision date as retrieval criteria for report


Notifications updates

Now live​

  • New student notification - a reminder to submit evidence 7 days before the end of the 4 week window for submission of evidence (where they have chosen to submit evidence at a later date)
  • Student EC claim submission email updated to reference 10 day turnaround time
  • Student notification that further information / evidence required – added link to guidance on adding evidence  
  • Student decision email title updated to make it clear that they need to log in to Portico to see outcome
  • Flag to show actions or activity on a claim to include: Student has added / amended evidence; Faculty decision has been made; Last viewed by
  • Changes to the default claims list to reduce the claim list loading time:

    1. the default view defaults to "Pending FECP claims" if you are a Faculty Panel member and "Pending DECP claims" if you are a Department Panel member. You can change this 'View' criteria field to any of the other views if you like. Note that claims awaiting evidence show under a separate view - "Awaiting further evidence claims" and panels will need to filter by this view to see these claims.

    2. the list now shows pending claims for the previous month only - You can use the date filters to select date ranges to view earlier claims.


Content of student and staff notifications can be viewed using the following links: