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Dental Microscopy: Endodontics

  • 6.5 hours
  • 1 day


This practical one-day course will focus on use of the dental operating microscope in endodontics.

Dentists new to microscopy will experience the revelation of first-time use.

More experienced users will learn to improve ergonomics and efficiency, visualise the more difficult areas of the mouth and improve patient communications.

The course aims to develop your skills in setting up and using the dental operating microscope. It will also help you understand the components.

The course is run by the UCL Eastman Dental Institute in London which has a broad range of continuing professional development (CPD) short courses. These provide hands-on training from experienced staff in dedicated facilities.

Course content

The course will cover the following:

  • Introduction to the equipment
  • Setting up the microscope for the individual operator
  • Patient positioning for best access
  • Optimal access to the various areas of the mouth
  • Nursing roles
  • Choice of equipment to use with the microscope
  • Endodontic techniques
  • Ergonomic concepts to improve working comfort
  • Image capture and documentation
  • Patient communications

Learning outcomes

On finishing the course you should have an understanding of how the microscope is used in endodontics and how it increases the predictability of endodontic procedures.

    Who this course is for

    The course is for dental practitioners who are new to, as well as those who are more experienced in, using microscopy in endodontics.

    You'll need to hold an approved dental qualification.

    Structure and teaching

    The course runs from approximately 9:30am to 5pm.

    It will start with a short presentation followed by a day of practical exercises.

    You'll operate on phantom heads using bench-mounted Zeiss microscopes.

    There will also be time spent in the clinical area where you'll experience the use of the scope in a clinical setting.

    You'll need to be able to bring extracted premolars and molars (preferably heavily restored) which have been stored wet from the time of extraction. Please bring as many as possible.

    CPD points and certificate

    The course will give you 6.5 hours of verifiable CPD.

    You'll also get a certificate of attendance.

    Quality controls

    All Eastman teachers are experienced professionals. You'll be asked to submit written feedback via a questionnaire at the end of the course, which is used to monitor the course's quality of teaching and value for money.


    Please read the Eastman's refunds policy before booking.

    Course team

    Tony Druttman

    Tony Druttman

    Tony Druttman has been on the Specialist register in Endodontics since 1999 and works in specialist practice in the West End of London. He's been a visiting specialist teacher for the UCL Eastman Dental Institute's CPD since 2004 and has been running a course on Microscopes in Endodontics for the last five years.

    Tony is a co-author and editor of 'Microscopic Dentistry: A Practical Guide' published by Zeiss. His main interest in endodontics is non-surgical re-treatment.

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