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FAQs for sponsors of UCL Excellence Fellowships

Here you will find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Excellence Fellowship sponsors.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is required to assure the Excellence Fellowship selection panel that the candidate, if appointed, will be welcomed into the host department, and will be given the necessary research space, support and supervision to enable them to establish their own independent research programme. Sponsors must provide a letter of support as part of a candidate's Excellence Fellowship application, undertaking to provide these requirements.

Who can be a sponsor?

A sponsor can be any academic member of staff who is in a position to provide the assurances specified above. A sponsor may be a Group Leader, a Head of Research Department or a Division/Institute Director within the UCL Faculties of Brain Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences or Population Health Sciences. Arrangements for sponsorship vary within different Divisions and Institutes within the Faculties and you are encouraged to contact your Head of Research Department or Division/Institute if you are unsure of the local arrangements.

How can I become a sponsor?

You may already be aware of an exceptional candidate who would be suitable to apply for an Excellence Fellowship. In this instance you can encourage them to apply to the Programme.

Alternatively, you may be contacted directly by prospective applicants with a request for sponsorship.

Do I have to sponsor a prospective applicant who has contacted me?

No. It is entirely at the discretion of the UCL academic whether they wish, or are able, to sponsor a prospective candidate.

UCL academics should pay particular attention to the Programme's requirement for excellence in research track record and future vision when deciding whether to sponsor particular candidates. Information on the current Excellence Fellow cohorts is available.

Can I be a sponsor if I am not in the UCL Faculties of Brain Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences and Population Health Sciences?

Excellence Fellowships are only available within the UCL Faculties of Brain Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences or Population Health Sciences, so the lead sponsor on all applications must be based within one of these Faculties. The candidate will be appointed within the Division/Institute of the lead sponsor. It is possible to add an additional sponsor, for example where the candidate's research spans disciplines; the additional sponsor may be from anywhere within UCL and must be able to provide the same assurance in a letter of support.

How many Excellence Fellows can I sponsor at any one time?

No limit is prescribed, however prospective sponsors should contact their Head of Research Department or Division/Institute to ensure they may sponsor an application.