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Intercalated BSc programmes at UCL (iBSc)

UCL offers a limited number of iBSc places to external students who are currently studying at a UK medical school.

An iBSc allows students who have successfully completed two years of an undergraduate medical programme to pursue a subject of their choice in depth.

Our iBScs expose you to the groundbreaking research that makes UCL global leaders in areas from cardiovascular sciences to medical anthropology and global health. iBSc projects have enabled former students to be named as authors on research publications and to present their findings at conferences.

Current UCL MBBS students should visit the Medical School website.

Fees, Funding and Accommodation

How to apply (External students)

Our iBSc programmes for external candidates

Thank you for considering UCL for your iBSc. We value external students very highly and welcome the contribution you make to our programmes.

Below is a list of potential programmes for external iBSc candidates.

Applications for 2024 entry will open in early February. At this point, any programmes that are fully subscribed will no longer be advertised.

The application period for external candidates will close on 31 March 2024.

Available to external candidates

iBSc Clinical Sciences

The iBSc in Clinical Sciences exposes medical students to the translation of basic science research into novel therapies for human disease, and the philosophy, governance and social implications of health research.

Open to external candidates.

iBSc Clinical Trials

The iBSc in Clinical Trials offers you a unique opportunity to learn the important concepts and practices underpinning appropriate clinical trial design, conduct, analysis, and interpretation of trials.

Open to external candidates.

iBSc Global Health

Offered by the UCL Institute of Global Health, this iBSc gives students a thorough understanding of global health and the economic, social, political and cultural forces that shape health and health systems worldwide.

Open to external candidates.

iBSc Medical Anthropology

This unique iBSc provides techniques for gaining cross-cultural understanding. Study key concepts to examine how health and wellbeing are socially and culturally constituted in contexts of cultural diversity.

Open to external candidates.

iBSc Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

This iBSc introduces students to the physical principles and techniques involved in health care technology. With a heavy focus on medical imaging, this iBSc is relevant to those who may go on to specialise in radiology.

Open to external candidates.

iBSc Primary Care Research and Clinical Practice

The iBSc is the UK’s longest running primary care BSc. It offers a unique combination of ongoing clinical experience (you are attached to a designated GP tutor) and academic skills for careers in clinical medicine.

Open to external candidates.

iBSc Women's Health

This iBSc offered by the Institute of Women's Health provides unique insight into maternal, fetal and neonatal health, reproductive health and women's cancers. Explore cross-cutting themes relating to women's health care needs.

Open to external candidates.

Fees, Funding and Accommodation

How to apply (External students)

Not currently available

iBSc History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

This iBSc explores the wider origins and evolution of science, technology, and medicine, alongside fundamental questions about science, its methods, and its understanding of the world around us.

This course is not yet available to external candidates.

iBSc Mathematics, Computers and Medicine

This iBSc provides training at the frontier between biomedicine, computer science and mathematics, with focuses on computer programming, mathematical modelling and analysis of big data.

This course is not yet available to external candidates.

iBSc Psychology

This iBSc educates students in systematic, scientific thinking about human beings and human problems. Your options include topics such as social psychology, cognitive neuroscience and clinical psychology.

This course is not yet available to external candidates.

iBSc Sociology and Politics of Medicine

This iBSc offers an approach to modern medicine through the lens of collaborating activities: (1) ethics and philosophy of science; (2) science policy and governance; (3) science communication and engagement.

This course is not yet available to external candidates.