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How to apply

The 2023/24 iBSc application period for external students is 1st October 2022 until 17th March 2023. If you have any questions please email medicaladmissions@ucl.ac.uk.

Are you a current UCL MBBS student?

If you are a UCL medical student looking to find out more about the programmes offered and the internal iBSc allocation process, please visit the Medical School website to find out more.

Selecting your programme

Applicants can select a maximum of two programmes from the options available. Please list your choices in order of preference on the application form in the space provided. 

View the list of iBScs available.

Please note that students already on UCL's MBBS programme have priority for allocation to our iBSc programmes. If a programme has filled all of its available places with internal students as of the end of March, then we will not be offering places to external applicants.

Confirming your eligibility

Unless you are already studying at a UK medical school, EU and Overseas students are unable to apply to our iBSc programmes.

Before applying please check that you meet the entry requirements for iBSc study. You must be:

  • enrolled on a UK MBBS course.
  • successfully completed or about to complete 2 years of a UK MBBS course. If you are currently in your second year of study and you are successful in getting a place to study with us, a condition of your offer will be to pass your 2nd year of study.
  • It is at the discretion of individual iBSc programmes if they wish to accept students where they have completed more than two years of MBBS training. If you are made an offer, then successfully passing your current year of study will be made a condition of offer.
  • hold GCSE English Language and Mathematics at grade C or 5.
  • have achieved a minimum of ABB in your A levels or equivalent.

Individual programme requirements

  • Please note for iBSc Mathematics, Computers and Medicine you must have achieved grade A in A level Mathematics or equivalent.
  • Please note that for iBSc Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Grade A in A-Level Mathematics, and an A-level (or equivalent) in Physics are preferred subjects.

What if I am an overseas student?

If you are an overseas student studying at a UK medical school, we are able to consider your application provided you have successfully completed the first two years of your UK programme. If you are a Tier 4 visa holder please visit our dedicated Immigration & Visa website for further guidance.

If I am accepted onto an iBSc programme at UCL would I then be eligible to apply to transfer to the UCL Medical School to complete my undergraduate medical qualification?

We are afraid that current medical student numbers mean that we are no longer able to consider applications from students who wish to transfer to UCL to complete their undergraduate Medicine degree.

Application period

The 2023/24 iBSc application period for external students is 1st October 2022 until 17th March 2023.

How to apply

Please see the Application Guidelines, Applications, Reference, and Monitoring Forms below: 

Application Form
Reference Form
Disability Monitoring Form
Application Guidelines

All applications must be made via our Intercalated BSc Application Form (PDF). You are able to make two programme choices only and you must provide two corresponding personal statements. As well as completing the application form you will need to provide the following:

  • Your full academic transcript from your Medical School showing a minimum of two years of study.
  • One reference from a tutor/lecturer acquainted with your academic ability. Please use the Reference Form for iBSc Study (PDF). 
  • A personal statement for your two programme choices. There is a dedicated section on the Intercalated BSc Application Form for you to insert your statements.
  • A letter confirming that your home institution can release you for this period of study. This letter must be sent directly from your home institution, alternatively a stamped and signed copy can also be accepted.
  • A completed Disability and Ethnic Origin Monitoring Form (PDF).

Your application will not be considered unless we have all the specified documentation. 

    Submitting your application

    Please submit the Intercalated BSc Application Form and the Disability and Ethnic Origin Monitoring Form via email to medicaladmissions@ucl.ac.uk together with your academic transcript and host institution letter. 

    The Reference Form for iBSc Study should be submitted to medicaladmissions@ucl.ac.uk directly by your referees, using their professional email address (e.g. name@institution.ac.uk). 

    What happens next?

    If you are accepted you will be sent an offer email and invited to reply to your offer. Once you’ve accepted the offer and confirmed that you will be attending UCL, more information will be sent about starting with us.

    What if I'm not accepted to my first preference programme?

    Your application will be redirected to your second preference (if you have expressed a second preference – it is not compulsory).