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United World College and International Students' House Scholarship

University College London (UCL), United World Colleges (UWC) and International Student House (ISH) are working together to enable students of UWC, who are financially unable to study in the U.K.


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Key information

Value: Full tuition fees, maintenance allowance of £7,000 per year, free accommodation in a standard twin room at International Students' House, Tier 4 Visa application costs, international economy air travel to/from the UK (with reasonable baggage costs)
Available to: Prospective students
Selection criteria: Financial need and academic merit
Eligible students: Non-UK domiciled
Eligible programmes: All undergraduate
Additional eligibility criteria: Written essay and a mandatory financial statement written by a UWC Counsellor
Deadline: Complete applications and essays must be submitted electronically to the UWC Counsellors on or before 4 February 2022


Applicants should:

  • be a final-year IB Diploma student attending a United World College (or completed their studies in the preceding calendar year - candidates from Waterford Kamhlaba UWC only);
  • apply for admission through UCAS by 26 January 2022 for a full-time undergraduate degree programme of study at UCL and firmly accept your UCL offer;
  • be non-UK domiciled; 
  • lack the financial means necessary to pursue undergraduate degree studies at UCL.

Value, benefits, and duration

The scholarships will consist of:

  • Full tuition fees;
  • a maintenance allowance of £7,000 per year, for three years (consideration could be made for four-year programmes - you must state this in your scholarship application);
  • free accommodation in a standard twin room at International Student House for up to three years (40-weeks contract per year) with the possibility of an extension into the fourth year where required;
  • reimbursement of Tier 4 Visa application costs;
  • international economy air travel to/from the UK (with reasonable baggage costs) at the beginning and end of the award holder's degree programme.

Annual renewal of the scholarship is subject to satisfactory academic progress.


Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial hardship and academic merit. There are two awards available.

How to apply

You must apply for admission to UCL to be eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Application for the scholarship is available exclusively from UWC Counsellors. Taking into account the financial circumstances of their students, UWC Counsellors will invite up to five eligible students from each UWC to apply for the scholarship. If you fulfil all the eligibility criteria listed above, you may wish to inform your UWC Counsellors that you are interested in being invited to apply.

  • All UWC Counsellors will be required to complete a mandatory financial statement justifying the reasons why the applicant is in financial need;
  • Completed applications and essays must be submitted electronically to the UWC Counsellors before 4 February 2022;
  • UWC Counsellors will forward eligible applications and essays to UWC International by 18 February 2022;
  • UWC International will forward up to five eligible applications, per UWC institution, to UCL by 4 March 2022.


Successful applicants and reserve candidates will be notified by early April.