UCL Scholarships and funding


Essential information for all funding scheme applicants

This information is for prospective applicants and current UCL students who are applying for funding provided by UCL or in partnership with UCL.


What types of funding are there?

Funding schemes include scholarships, awards, prizes, medals, bursaries, and loans. These can be awarded centrally or by departments or by external organisations to UCL.

Where do I find details of what funding there is for my course?

You can find details of funding on our central Scholarship Finder, Student Funding pages, on department pages and also on external websites.

How do I know if I am eligible for funding?

Before applying for funding, read the eligibility criteria carefully to make sure that you are eligible. You can find detailed eligibility information on our Scholarship finder, the scheme webpage and on the specific funding scheme application form. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, you cannot be considered for the funding.

For most funding schemes, you will need to hold an offer of admission to UCL or be enrolled for the relevant academic year, as specified in the funding scheme criteria.

How does UCL define 'low-income'?

Typically, UCL would classify 'low-income' as a household with annual income of £25,000 or less and 'lower-income' as £42,875 or less (or overseas equivalent), but this is a guide only as other factors are taken into account during the selection process. 

How do I apply for a funding scheme?

You can find out about the application procedures on the specific scheme pages on the Scholarships and Funding website. Many schemes require you to complete an application form which will be detailed on the relevant scheme webpage. You may also be required to submit further documentation such as a reference letter or a piece of work.

Incomplete applications will not be considered so make sure you have filled out all the sections and submitted any documents that are needed.

When are the application deadlines?

You can find the application deadlines on the funding scheme page or application form. These dates are in place so you can get your funding for study or research starting in the academic year following the deadline.

You must submit your application before the deadline. If your application arrives after the published deadlines then it will not be considered. 

If there is no published deadline then contact Student Funding to check the closing dates. We recommend applying for funding schemes as soon as they are open so you have plenty of time to complete the form and send in any required information.

How will I know if you have received my application?

If applications are submitted through our online portal, then applicants will receive a confirmation email when they have submitted an application. Please note that we are unable to confirm receipt of applications that are supplied to us via hard copy.

How will you use and store the information that I will send you?

UCL’s privacy notice for current and prospective students sets out how any personal data we collect will be processed. The full notice for current students can be found on the Student Privacy Notice page. The full notice for prospective students can be found on the Prospective Students Privacy Notice page.

The information provided in your application will be processed by the UCL Student Funding Office for the purposes of determining your eligibility for financial support / a place on an award scheme/scholarships programme. Your information may also be shared with other UCL departments for information verification purposes, including the Visa Compliance, Student Wellbeing and Access & Admissions teams.

If you are applying for financial support that is offered in partnership with an external sponsor, the sponsor may be involved in the selection process and/or request confirmation of the support you have been awarded. Your personal information will only be shared with them where it is necessary to maintain your application/award. Any data sharing will be carried out with due regard to our duties as a ‘data controller’ within the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you are providing special category personal data (for example, information about your ethnicity, health or disabilities), we need your consent to use this data. By signing the declaration in the application form, you consent to UCL and its external partnership sponsors using your special category personal data for the purposes set out above. You may withdraw your consent at any time by emailing studentfunding@ucl.ac.uk. Please note that this may result in your application and/or award being withdrawn if we are no longer able to determine your eligibility for support.

How will my application be assessed?

You can find details on this on the individual funding scheme webpage. If the funding scheme involves looking at academic merit criteria, then your application will considered by a panel of UCL academics. In the case of schemes funded or co-funded by external organisations, an initial selection of applicants chosen by a panel of UCL academics may be put before a panel convened by the funding organisation. The selection process generally takes 6-8 weeks from the deadline although, in some cases, the process may take longer, particularly if external sponsors are also involved.

If the scheme involves looking only at financial need then this will be assessed by the Student Funding Office or in cases where the funding scheme is run at department level or by an external body, they will assess the financial need.

How will I find out if I am successful?

You will be notified by email. We will also send you an 'Award Agreement' which includes the terms and conditions of the scheme.

Can I have more than one scholarship or award at a time?

You can apply for any funding scheme for which you are eligible so you can apply for more than one scheme. If you are successful in more than one scheme, you are obliged to inform the Student Funding Office if you secure any additional funding after receiving and accepting an award offer. It is possible that awards may be adjusted based on other funding you have secured. Further information will be available on the scheme page or by contacting the Student Funding Office.

Will the funding schemes cover all my costs?

This will depend on the funding scheme. See the details on the scheme-specific webpages.

Can I get my tuition fees paid by a funding scheme?

There are some funding schemes that contribute towards your tuition fees, either at the UK rate or at the Overseas rate. UCL Admissions assess the fees you will have to pay when you apply for your course, and the fee is shown in your offer of admission. Please check the different funding schemes to determine whether they are open to UK or Overseas applicants.

Will the funding scheme cover all additional fees?

Where a funding scheme includes the payment of fees, this will apply exclusively to your tuition fees. Any additional fees charged (e.g. bench fees) are not normally covered.

Can I apply for a funding scheme to support my family while I am studying in the UK?

Please note that any funding will be for your costs only and is not intended to support your family.

If I am successful when will I get my payment?

You will receive your payment when you are fully enrolled on your programme. Our payments are usually made at the beginning of each term. If your funding is for a period longer than one academic year, then the next year’s payment is subject to review depending on your satisfactory academic progress.

Is there any circumstance under which I would lose my funding?

If you are receiving a scholarship on academic merit, then your funding may be terminated at any time if an unsatisfactory progress report is received from the academic department. If you interrupt or withdraw from your course at UCL you will not receive any further payments. It is important to read carefully “Award Agreement” with terms and conditions for your funding scheme. This will be sent to you with your award confirmation. Please be sure to check anything you are unsure about with the Student Funding Office. Please do be aware that if you break any of the terms and conditions you will not receive any further funding and may be asked to pay the funding back.