Safety Services


Roles & Responsibilities

It is important to clearly set out and define roles and responsibilities when it comes to health and safety.

Roles & Responsibilities

You must identify what the roles and responsibilities are within your department in relation to health and safety. Determine who is doing what and clearly define what is required.

Suitably competent persons may need to be appointed to the following Responsible Person roles along with the associated responsibilities:


Departmental Safety Officer (DSO)

To assist the HoD in the creation, development, monitoring and review of the Department's arrangements for safe working.

DSO pdf

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessor

To provide an essential advisory role looking at workstation set-up and assist managers in reviewing more complex cases. 

DSE Assessor pdf

Fire Evacuation Marshal (FEM)

To evacuate their allocated area when an alarm is activated. Maintain their allocated area in a fire safe condition by carrying out checks on fire equipment, escape routes and fire doors etc.

FEM (TN080) pdf

Responsible Persons Register (RPR) Co-ordinator

To maintain the Responsible Persons Register by ensuring role holder information is kept up to date.

RPR Co-ordinator.pdf

Incident Co-ordinator

To receive notification of incidents and to ensure they are investigated.

Incident Co-ordinator pdf

First Aider (FAW)

Person who holds a valid First Aid at Work (FAW) Certificate. This role can be filled by an individual from a different department but located in the same building.


First Aider (EFAW)

Person who holds a valid Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) Certificate. This role can be filled by an individual from a different department but located in the same building.


Responsible persons

UCL has defined the roles of UCL responsible personsDepartments should ensure that all responsible persons are aware of their roles, that the person has agreed to carry out the duties and is competent to do so, and that the roles in place are sufficient for the department and building's needs.

Responsible persons register

You must record the roles on the Responsible Persons Register on riskNET. Staff must be aware of this list of role holders and how to access the register on riskNET.

riskNET: Responsible Persons Register

How-To Video – Responsible Persons Register

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Senior management commitment

There must be a clear written procedure in place to ensure that the Responsible Persons Register (RPR) is kept up-to-date by the Register Co-ordinator. 

The Head of Department must ensure that the riskNET Helpdesk has been informed of any changes to the key roles i.e. Head of Department, Incident Co-ordinator, Departmental Safety Officer or Responsible Persons Register Co-ordinator. This is because the responsible person will need to be given access to riskNET functions to carry out the role. This can be done by emailing the riskNET Helpdesk or through the Lead Safety Advisor.

The Head of Department must update and 'confirm' the Responsible Persons Register annually.