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Nuclear Safeguards for Users training course

The Nuclear Safeguards for Users course is for staff who use or manage nuclear safeguards material (material containing uranium, thorium or plutonium) at UCL.

Course description

The Nuclear Safeguards (EU Exit) Regulations require UCL to maintain an inventory of nuclear materials and have strict procedures in place for keeping track of them. By completing this eLearning course you will learn what this means for you if you work with or manage nuclear materials. 


On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify nuclear materials covered by the Nuclear Safeguards (EU Exit) Regulations.
  • Identify four prerequisites for working with nuclear materials at UCL.
  • Recall the correct process for ordering, tracking and disposing of nuclear materials.
  • Complete stock record sheets for nuclear materials.
  • Explain the correct process for naming, labelling and weighing nuclear materials.

Target audience

This course is for staff who work with or manage nuclear safeguards material (material containing uranium, thorium or plutonium). 

It should also be completed by anybody who is appointed as Nuclear Materials Inventory Co-ordinator (NMIC) or is looking to be appointed.


Training courses are free to UCL staff.

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Last updated: Tuesday, September 19, 2023