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Starting a new ionising radiation project

Before you can start work with ionising radiations, you must ensure that the Radiation Compliance Documentation set is in place. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure you are ready.

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Radiation compliance documentation set

To ensure that work with ionising radiation is managed safely at UCL, all radiation projects are carried out under a Project Approval Number granted by Safety Services. Follow our 4 Step process on how to submit the Radiation Compliance Documentation to get your radiation project approved.

Step 1 - Radiation Workspaces

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Work with ionising radiation must be carried out in suitable facilities and these will be evaluated by the Radiation Protection Team as part of the radiation compliance documentation set. Written approval is required by the Radiation Protecion Team before any radiation workspaces can be used.


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Step 2 - Radiation Project Approval in 'principle'

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You can now apply for approval for your radiation project in 'principle' before developing the radiation compliance documentation set. Work cannot commence until your project has been assigned a Radiation Project Number following approval of the radiation compliance documentation set, including the radiation risk assessment.


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Step 3 - Radiation Risk Assessment

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Now that you have received Radiation Project Approval in 'principle' you can develop the Radiation Risk Assessment. This will identify the measures necessary to restrict the exposure of employees and others from ionising radiation. ​Radiation risk assessments should be completed by the Project Sponsor and reviewed and approved by the Radiation Protection Supervisor and the Radiation Protection Team.


Once the Radiation Risk Assessment has been fully approved, you will be issued the Project Approval Number and work can commence.

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Step 4 - Radiation Worker Registration

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All persons using ionisng radiation must be registered as a Radiation Worker. Before starting work with ionising radiation you must complete formal training and register as a Radiation Worker with Safety Services.

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Last updated: Wednesday, April 6, 2022