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Radiation project approval process

New projects using ionising radiation must be assigned a Radiation Project Number before work can start. This page guides you through the Radiation Project Approval Process.

Radiation work cannot commence until Safety Services has issued a Radiation Project Number. You must obtain approval for your radiation project in 'principle' before developing the full compliance documentation set required to apply for a Radiation Project Number.

Radiation projects are defined as:

  • A new technique that uses ionising radiation
  • A substantial change to an existing technique that requires a new Standard Operating Procedure

All persons that work with ionising radiation must be registered Radiation Workers.

> Read the full OP17: Project Approval Process (Ionising Radiations) (UCL login required)

On this page

Step 1 - Prepare

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  • Justify the use of ionising radiation for your project. You must be able to provide a robust reason as to why there is no safer alternative and that the benefit to exposed persons or society will offset the radiation detriment
  • Confirm with the RPS that there are suitable facilities including radiation work areas and sufficient storage for radioactive materials and waste
  • Confirm with the RPS that the department has the correct permissions from Safety Services e.g. sufficient allocation that allows you to hold the radioactive material and generate waste or approval to purchase new X-ray equipment
  • Appoint a Project Sponsor. This is the person who is responsible for ensuring the work is carried out in line with the Radiation Risk Assessment and Standard Operating Procedures i.e. lead researcher

Step 2 - Declare

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    The Project Sponsor will help you complete the Project Approval in Principle form
  • The Project Sponsor will submit the Project Approval in Principle form to the Radiation Protection Team
  • The Radiation Protection Team will approve the project 'in principle'

> Download the Project Approval Form (Radioactive Materials) (UCL login required)
> Download the Project Approval Form (X-Rays) (UCL login required)

Step 3 - Develop

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  • Develop the Radiation Risk Assessment and Standard Operating Procedure. You also may need to update other documentation required under the Radiation Governance Framework, including local rules departmental procedures for radioactive material and Best Available Technique 
  • The Radiation Protection Team will help and support you develop these important compliance documents

Step 4 - Approve

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  • After you have developed your documentation, the RPS will approve it in conjunction with the Radiation Protection Team
  • You will be issued with a Radiation Project number that will be valid for five years

Step 5 - Register and proceed

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  • You must register as a Radiation Worker before any work commences - this includes everybody working with radiation
  • Follow departmental procedures to order the materials that you need to carry out the work

Step 6 - Review

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  • The Radiation Protection Team audits departments that work with ionising radiation every 2 years to ensure that work is carried out safely and compliantly
  • The Radiation Protection Team will work collaboratively with departments to implement new initiatives and best practice

Last updated: Tuesday, April 5, 2022