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Understanding the Initial Assessment process in riskNET

21 March 2024

This article explains how the Initial Assessment process works within riskNET.

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An Initial Assessment is conducted when an incident is first reported and involves gathering information to determine the scope, severity and potential impact of the incident. This may involve analysing the nature of the incident, the systems, equipment or facilities affected and the potential risks and consequences. 

Incident reporting and assignment

  • Incident reported: When an incident occurs within your department, a system-generated email automatically notifies the designated departmental Incident Co-ordinator.
  • Incident assignment: The Incident Co-ordinator allocates the incident based on the following criteria:
    • Injury/illness involved: If the incident caused or could have caused injury or ill-health, the manager of the injured person (IP) must participate in the Initial Assessment.
    • No injury/illness: For incidents without injury or specific individuals involved, the manager responsible for ensuring safe activity (e.g. PI, lab/studio manager) should carry out the Initial Assessment.

Who can conduct an Initial Assessment

If a member of your staff has been involved in an incident, or you are responsible for the area where the incident took place, you may receive an email from riskNET letting you know that you have been allocated an incident for an Initial Assessment.

The Initial Assessment should be completed within 5 working days of receiving the incident notification.

> How to conduct an Initial Assessment

Completing the Initial Assessment in riskNET

For detailed instructions on completing an Initial Assessment in riskNET, please refer to our How-To video. Remember to enable pop-ups in your web browser as some features rely on them to display additional information.

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