Open ML Training Data For Visual Tagging Of Construction-specific Objects (ConTag)

To generate Open Datasets for Visual Machine Learning (ML) which the data is specific to the construction industry for training Deep Neural Networks (DNNs).

Applied Off-site and On-site

10 July 2019

Research Team

Jan Boehm | David Griffiths | Fabio Panella | Victor Melatti

Technology Areas

A.I., Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Application Areas



ML technology has enabled a revolutionary leap in many digital economies generating growth in activity and business mainly for the ITC sector. Part of the growth is generated through sharing of IP, knowledge, tools and datasets. We want to adopt this approach for the digital construction sector. ConTag will provide visual and 3D training dataset and pre-trained deep neural networks (DNN) to benchmark against. We expect this shared and open datasets to kick-start further ML developments in both academia and industry.

Video: Youtube

Data Set: UCL Research Data Repository