UCL Robotics '23 - Revisiting the Event

UCL Robotics '23 was filled with great presentations, demos and networking opportunities. You are welcome to review the recordings of the presentations and the posters displayed below.


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Highlights of keynote presentations

Recordings of presentations

Posters and demos

Highlights of the keynote presentations

Robert Skilton, Head of Research at RACE at UK Atomic Energy Authority, gave an inspiring opening keynote on Fusion Robotics. So many opportunities exist for employing intelligent robotics to de-risk operations in a nuclear set-up.

Watch the opening keynote here.

Sriram Subramanian, Vice Dean (Enterprise) and Professor of Computer Science at UCL, shared his successful experience transferring his swarm sound modulation research for the closing keynote. It opens up new opportunities for innovative haptic applications, and the potential for contactless manufacturing is impressive.

Watch the closing keynote here.

Recordings of the presentations


Welcome | Prof Sarah Spurgeon | Director of UCL Robotics Institute 

Opening keynote: "Challenges & Opportunities in R&D and Commercialization of Robotics Technologies" | Robert Skilton | Head of Research at RACE, UK Atomic Energy Authority

Coffee Break

Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre

A Convex and Robust Distributed Model Predictive Control for Heterogeneous Vehicle Platoons | Hao Sun

Adaptive Autonomous Navigation of Multiple Optoelectronic Microrobots in Dynamic Environments | Laurent Mennillo

An End-to-End Task Allocation Framework for Autonomous Mobile Systems | Song Ma

Cooperative Control of Swarm Robotics | Junyan Hu

BCI-TVR: Brain-Computer Interface Training with Virtual Reality | Alexander Thomas

Garrulus: Reforestation and monitoring of damaged forest areas by unmanned aerial vehicles | Ahmad Drak

Jeremy Bentham Room

Flexible Force Sensors to Improve Safety and Training in Operative Birth | Carmen Salvadores Fernandez

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Surgical Simulations using SPEEDOP Platform | Hoang Le

Visual kinematic force estimation for robotic-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy training | Eddie Edwards

A Novel MR-compatible Pulmonary Artery Catheterisation Robotic System: Design and Evaluation | Yaxi Wang

Valvuloplasty Balloon Catheter Assisted Compliant Aortic Annulus Sizing with Variable Elliptical Ratio |  JUNKE YAO

AfternoonLunch Break

Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre

Control and Sensing of soft bodied robots | Thomas George Thuruthel

Twisted String Actuation Systems in Robotics | Igor Gaponov

Fluidic haptic feedback system for upper limb prosthetics | Ge Shi

A Body-Powered Soft-Actuated Partial-Hand Prosthetic Device with Integrated Haptic Feedback | Kamyar Motaghedolhagh

Design, Modelling and Control for Chamber-reinforced Soft Continuum Robots | Jialei Shi

Reverse Mathematics and Systems Framework for Embodied Intelligence | Erin Nolan

Pneumatic Membrane Actuation for Tissue Stiffness Sensing and Palpation | Duncan G. Raitt

Jeremy Bentham Room

Applied robotics in the Built Environment | Jingyuan Meng and Guillem Perutxet Olesti

The Road to Intelligent Machines | Zhibin (Alex) LI

The Bubble Worlds - a Social Interactive Structure Reflecting How Did Refugees Experience the Covid-19 Lockdown? | Azadeh Shariati

Development of Surgical Tooling with Haptic Feedback for the SPEEDOP Surgical Simulation Platform | Elliott Magee

How understanding the role of instrumental-affective touch in occupational therapy practice may support the development of collaborative robots in healthcare | Raffaele Buono, Minna Nygren, Liang He, Perla Maiolino, Nadia Berthouze, University College London, University of Oxford

Robots with Legs & Arms: Cognition for Real-World Loco/Manipulation in Complex Environments | Valerio Modugno

Closing Keynote: "Industry-University Partnership on Frontier Robotics Research and Innovations - Swarm Sound Modulators for multi-sensory experiences" Prof Sriram Subramanian | RAEng Chair in Emerging Technologies & Vice Dean (Enterprise) of Engineering Sciences
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Posters and demos

Images of the posters displayed and descriptions of the demos showcased are available here.

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