UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction


Cascading Disasters Research Group

Welcome to the web page of the cascading disasters research group, a new cluster to understand, assess, and mitigate the escalation of crises in the globally interconnected system. We consider different triggers such as extreme space weather, climate change, earthquakes or ash clouds, contextualizing their interactions with the built environment and the social domains.



People in orange uniforms setting up rescue supplies
Our mission is to promote a new cross-disciplinary approach to the emerging topic of cascading disasters.


Statues of people unfolding from a ball
We come from different disciplines and backgrounds, to create a new cross-disciplinary dialogue on cascading disasters. 


View of Earth from space with lines making connections between cities
The research group aims to promote and participate in activities that improve the understanding of cascading disasters.


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Our work aims to be of use for a mixed audience of public and private stakeholders, media community, and academia.