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Our work aims to be of use for a mixed audience of public and private stakeholders, media community, and academia. We are developing a different range of resources to make our research accessible to everybody.
Reports and guidelines

In this section you can find reports and guidelines written for a non-academic audience, which are distinguished by synthesis of ideas from different sources and attention to practical needs of end users.

Year: 2017 

Short description:The document, written together with London Resilience, provides a synthetic overview of the cascading effects caused by wide area power failures. It defines the recurrent impacts and sources of escalation in a clear and concise way. It is written to support the training and the situational awareness of decision makers and emergency operators. 

Authors:Pescaroli , G., Turner, S., Gould, T., Alexander, D.E., and Wicks, R.T.


Here is a list of the publications of the group on cascading and the link to them. All the articles are freely available through the UCL repository system but we highlighted those that are fully open access.