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Who Cares? Rebuilding care in the post-pandemic world

Project title: Who Cares? Rebuilding care in the post-pandemic world.
Value for UCL: £310,000

The pandemic has created a paradox: while care work has never been so visible, it has also never been so precarious and vulnerable, thus leading to a global “care crisis”. The impact of this crisis on women in particular, as receivers and providers of care, has been very debated, yet, no solutions or concrete improvements of care workers’ conditions were implemented so far. 

Thus, this project seeks to uncover and understand the matrix of care provision that is fragmented and uncoordinated, and the resultant overlapping, inconsistent and at times competing polices and regulations shaping care work and its provision at different levels of governance. Rebuilding a robust and more resilient care organization requires a comprehensive understanding of the care economy and entails learning from innovative initiatives in different countries.

Comparisons will proceed along four main axes, comprising different dimensions and approaches, reflecting the interdisciplinary team profile:

  1. The impact of the pandemic on needs and modalities of care provision;
  2. Labour conditions and rights of paid care workers;
  3. Care as a strategic dimension and pillar for public policies;
  4. Caring strategies when the state fails and coping strategies from vulnerable communities.


Lead Principal Investigator: Nadya Araujo Guimarães (nadya@usp.br), Brazilian Centre for Analysis and Planning and University of São Paulo, Brazil

Country Principal Investigators: