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IRDR Taster Lecture: Why do we need Gender Perspective in Conflict and Disaster studies?

6 August 2020

As part of the IRDR Taster Lecture series Dr Punam Yadav and Prof Maureen Fordham will present a webinar on 24th August 2020 examining the need for a Gender Perspective in Conflict and Disaster studies

woman sitting on the ground in Nepal

Our experience of any crisis is largely determined by the gendered power relations and unequal social structures. Women, men and sexual minorities are impacted differently in conflict and disaster. In general, more men are likely to die in conflict, whereas more women die in disaster. This is due to their gender roles, social expectations and unequal power relations. In this taster lecture, we will examine the gendered history of disaster studies and discuss some examples of gendered impacts of humanitarian crisis.

There will be two live sessions with the same webinar, so please choose one to attend:

9:00am BST
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5:00pm BST
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The themes discussed in this lecture are explored in more depth in module IRDR0016 Gender, Disaster and Conflict, led by Dr Yadav and Prof Fordham. Find out more on our modules page.

The sessions will also be available to view on our YouTube channel later.