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Best Student Presentation Award at International Workshop

3 March 2017

10th International Workshop on Statistical Seismology in Wellington, New Zealand, 20-24th February, 2017 Last week, second year PhD candidate at the UCL IRDR, Tasnuva Tabassum, attended the 10th International Workshop on Statistical Seismology in Wellington, New Zealand.

Tasnuva Award  

A well-established, biennial meeting focused on recent developments in statistical seismology, the meetings covered a series of topics, including statistical descriptions of earthquake occurrences, earthquake physics, earthquake forecasting and forecast evaluations, earthquake triggering, and much more. 

Supported by GNS Science and the New Zealand Earthquake Commission (EQC), scientists from all over the world gathered to attend workshops, take part in discussions on a range of current research topics, present posters, and experience first hand the region's earthquake geology, providing insight into the effects of the November 2016 Mw 7.8 earthquake on the built environment around the city.

Tasnuva entered the student poster presentation competition with her poster titled "Incorporating Foreshocks for Bayesian Earthquake Prediction in the Presence of Aftershock Incompleteness", and won the coveted accolade of Best Student Presentation! The co-author of this poster was her supervisor, Dr. Gordon Ross, Lecturer in Statistics and Risk Analysis at IRDR. In this poster, the authors tried to portray the importance of incorporating foreshock data in statistical modelling for a better prediction of future earthquakes.

We all extend our congratulations to her for a very successful conference for both Tasnuva and for the IRDR at UCL!