The Early Rice Project includes fieldwork both on modern rice stands (cultivated and wild) and archaeological fieldwork (archaeobotanical sampling from excavations), as well as lots of laboratory work. Listed below are various fieldwork seasons, with links to photos of a few highlights.

Annual wild rice on margins of cultivation

Modern Rice studies

Archaeological studies

South Asia

  • Mantai, Sri Lanka
  • Kantarodai, Sri Lanka
  • Golbai Sassan, Orissa, India
  • Golpapur, Orissa
  • Mahagara, Uttar Pradesh
  • Koldihwa, Uttar Pradesh
  • Pattanam, Kerala
Southeast Asia

Ban Non Wot

  • Ban Non Wat, Thailand
  • Ban Sa Lao, Thailand
  • Khao Sai On, Thailand
  • Khao Sek, Thailand
  • Khao Sam Kaeo, Thailand
  • Na Sak Lot Yai, Thailand
  • Non Ban Jak, Thailand
  • Non Hua Raet, Thailand
  • Phu Khao Thong, Thailand
  • Rach Nui, Vietnam

Zhejiang Province Institute excavations of Neolithic field system at Maoshan


Early Rice Project 2013

  • TianLuoShan, Zhejiang, 
  • Caoxieshan, Suzhou city, Jiangsu
  • Majiabang, Zhejiang
  • Xiaodouli, Zhejiang
  • Yujiashan, Zhejiang
  • Maoshan, Zhejiang
  • Baligang, Henan

For more details on site locations visit the UCL Archaeobotanical Sites map.