Research Integrity


Guidance for external researchers

All external researchers who wish to recruit UCL staff or students are required to first seek permission to do so through the following process. This permission process is to ensure that the research is of the same ethical standards as that carried out by UCL staff and students. Please note, this does not constitute ethical approval, nor will UCL undertake an ethical review of the research. 

If you wish to recruit UCL staff or students you must submit your request to the UCL Research Ethics Service (ethics@ucl.ac.uk) along with the following information.

  • A justification for why UCL staff/students need to be recruited for the research.
  • A copy of the ethical approval letter.
  • A copy of the ethical application form.
  • Details of the recruitment methods to be used and copies of recruitment documents such as information sheets, consent forms, posters, etc.
  • Evidence that permission has been granted from the area/s you wish to recruit through (if appropriate).
  • Assurance that suitable insurance arrangements are in place for the study as UCL would not be liable for the research.

The above documentation will then be reviewed and you will receive a response as soon as possible.