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UCL Computational Cancer Collaboratorium

The UCL Computational Cancer Collaboratorium is a hub for pioneering theoretical research in oncology. The virtual centre brings together diverse strands of research from across UCL and UCL hospital, enabling collaboration, data sharing, and providing support and mentoring opportunities for members.


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Advancing computational methods in oncology

About us

A hub for computational cancer biology
Launching in 2021, the UCL Computational Cancer Collaboratorium is focused on enabling new research in UCL through improving collaborative links throughout the institute and establishing a central location for data sharing. Building on the world-leading expertise across UCL and UCL hospitals, the CCC offers a new centre for developing collaborations and getting support for computational modelling and analysis.


Working together

  • The focus of the computational cancer collaboratorium is to bring groups together to support research and data sharing across the whole of UCL.


  • Collaboration is at the heart of the computational cancer collaboratorium enabling researchers to come together, share data, and access unique expertise from across the computational cancer biology domain.

Data sharing

  • A major motivation for establishing the computational cancer collaboratorium has been the wealth of discovery, pre-clinical, and clinical data generated across UCL and UCLH. We offer a single site for accessing data from a large range of different groups.


  • Through internal work-in-progress talks, mentoring schemes, and hosting visiting researchers the CCC enables researchers to develop their careers and extend their work to include theoretical studies.

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