UCL Research Domains


Personalised Medicine

The work of our UCL Personalised Medicine Domain has been taken forward by our Research Coordination Office for Life and Medical Sciences.

The UCL Personalised Medicine Domain harnessed the breadth and depth of the personalised medicine research activity taking place across the institution and its partner hospitals, supporting the delivery of innovative patient-targeted medicines and therapies.

Find out more about the UCL Research Departments, Research Groups and Researchers involved in Personalised Medicine Research and about the Research Coordination Office for Life and Medical Sciences.

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Working towards fundamental discoveries about the molecular mechanisms that lead to cancer, aiming to translate these discoveries into new therapeutics, and conducting clinical trials that will impact on patient care.

Cardiometabolic Science

Cardiometabolic Science

Bringing together researchers from across UCL to facilitate cutting-edge research into key areas including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular risk and metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance.

Infection, Immunology and Inflammation

Infection, Immunology & Inflammation

Supporting UCL researchers who are working to increase our understanding of diseases, such as HIV, malaria, asthma, arthritis, TB and cancer.

Rare Disease

Rare Disease

Developing and implementing strategies for rare diseases through linking resources and supporting the advancement of clinical and academic research in the field.