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Microbiology@UCL 2nd Annual Symposium - 5th April 2019

Over 180 attendees from across UCL and partner organisations came together for an exciting day of talks, posters, and networking at the 2nd Annual Microbiology@UCL Symposium in April 2019.

Talks spanned a fascinating diversity of topics including the origin of microbes, the gut microbiome, microbial genomics, yeast sex, Streptococcus pneumoniae, epidemiology, microbial warfare, and many others – all united by the simple theme that microbes do amazing things.

Many thanks to all those who attended and to our presenters and keynote speakers – Tracy Palmer (Newcastle University), Paul Wilmes (University of Luxembourg), and Peijin Zhang (University of Oxford). See the full list of speakers and schedule here.

Congratulations to Early Career Researchers Lucy van Dorp, winner of the ECR Speaker Prize (sponsored by Microbiology Society), and Georgina Benn, winner of the ECR Poster Prize (sponsored by American Society for Microbiology).