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Microbiology@UCL Summer Reception

30th June 2022, 4pm to 7pm

Haldane Room, Wilkins Building, UCL Main Campus

Come and join us for short talks and refreshments.


Speakers include:

  • Special Guest Speaker: Prof. Donald Cowan - University of Pretoria
  • Dave Redding - CBER, Division of Biosciences
  • Richard Beckett - The Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Helen Hailes - Department of Chemistry
  • Matthew Reeves - Division of Infection and Immunity
  • Reza Motallebzadeh - Institute of Immunity and Transplantation
  • Anna David - Institute for Women’s Health
  • Jane Currie - Institute for Women’s Health
  • Sarah Edwards - Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy
  • Amanda McCrory - Institute of Education


What better way to celebrate the summer than talking about microbes?


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