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Social Science Plus

NB: Funding for the next round of Social Science Plus outlined below is subject to 2018-19 budgetary confirmation. A positive outcome will enable us to run another round of our scheme.  We will make an announcement (via our newsletter), as soon as we can, that our scheme is open for applications.  In the meantime, please familiarise yourself with our scheme and sign-up for our newsletter

£10,000 for a social science led cross-disciplinary pilot project that will lay the basis for a major external funding application

Scheme outline

  • Up to £10,000 is available to support a social science led innovative, challenge-driven, cross-disciplinary pilot project
  • The project must lay the basis for a high quality and competitive major research application for external funding
  • An award can fund research assistance / research organisation activities
  • Our scheme cannot pay for applicants’ time for undertaking the proposed activities
  • Costed activities must be paid for by 31 July 2019
  • "All in one" overview of scheme requirements
  • How to make an application
  • Application deadline: 10am, Thursday, 4 October 2018

Who can apply?

  • Applications must be led by a Principal Investigator who is a UCL social scientist (based in any UCL dept. or faculty) in collaboration with a maximum of two UCL Co-Investigators. One of the Co-Investigators must be a UCL non-social scientist from across the disciplinary spectrum. There is scope for an additional UCL Co-Investigator to join the team; this researcher can come from any discipline. Read our statement about the terms "social scientist" and "social science"
  • Staff on ‘teaching and research’ contracts or ‘research only’ contracts at UCL who are at post-doctoral level (equivalent) or above are eligible to apply as Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators. However, in planning for the subsequent external funding application, applicants must make clear that they have considered who would be an appropriate UCL social science Principal Investigator in terms of their grade and seniority, which will need to be commensurate with the scheme to which they will apply
  • Principal Investigators must only submit one application as a Principal Investigator in this call. Principal Investigators may act as Co-Investigators in other applications
  • Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators must be able to undertake and complete the proposed activities within the terms and, if applicable, length of their current contract
  • Teaching fellows, honorary fellows, PhD students, etc. can be part of the research team as “Additional Collaborators”
  • Complete list of our eligibility requirements
  • Exclusions and financial requirements

How to make an application

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