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2022-23 Pilot Projects

  • Our two 2022-23 pilot projects are supporting eight cross-disciplinary collaborations across UCL
  • This call was supported by generous funding from the UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences and IOE

Medical Anthropology + Epidemiology
The Guarani-Mbyá case study: understanding the socio-cultural and epidemiological factors related to high immunodeficiency prevalence among Indigenous communities in Argentina and Brazil (12.5K)
This study will examine the socio-cultural and epidemiological factors (e.g. economic deprivation, reduced access to potable water and healthcare, malnutrition, practices and understandings, etc) that relate to the high prevalence of tuberculosis (TB) and co-related immunodeficiency diseases among the Guarani-Mbyá in Brazil and Argentina.  
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Digital Anthropology + Environmental Modelling
What Does Environmental Data Mean? Collaboratively Developing Practices of Environmental Data Justice (£10K)
This project uncovers the social and political worlds of environmental data, to develop forms of collaborative environmental data justice. Global environmental data systems have come to figure as privileged means to tackle environmental crises. However, the question of what environmental data means, and for whom - in social and political terms - has been taken for granted within the international environmental scientific community.
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