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Scoping Exercise

Ways of Being in a Digital Age: a UCL Scoping Exercise

  • Preparation for anticipated ESRC funding calls
  • Register your interest in potential areas of future funding
  • Your response will help UCL be in the best position to respond quickly to a future call

In preparation for the anticipated funding calls in the ESRC priority area "Ways of Being in a Digital Age' we would like to identify researchers across UCL who are interested in developing proposals that we think will be based on some or all of the themes below.  To identify gaps in current research and determine where future initiatives would add most value, the ESRC have commissioned a scoping study and calls are expected later this year.

The focus area is described in the ESRC Delivery Plan 2016-20:  The 21st century has witnessed significant changes due to digital technological advancements, which impacts the way we communicate, receive, consume and process information, travel, shop and do our work. The presence of digital technology mediates our perceptions, behaviours and practices across these areas and influences our ways of living, learning, sharing, engaging and seeing the world around us. This raises a number of fundamental questions about our ways of being in a digital age, the risks and opportunities associated with digital living, and our understanding of the individual, community and society.

Please register your interest in potential areas of future funding.  These details will help UCL be in the best position to respond quickly to a future call.  Please alert your colleagues who might also be interested.

Many thanks
Michael Reade, Strategic Coordinator, Collaborative Social Science Domain
Louise Chisholm, Strategic Coordinator, e-Research Domain