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About Us

UCL's Collaborative Social Science Domain fosters collaboration across the various social sciences within UCL, and between the social sciences and the natural and applied sciences, and the humanities.

Our Domain takes a broad and inclusive definition of the social sciences.  We focus on understanding and addressing major national and international societal Grand Challenges through collaborative research that includes the social sciences and the disciplines across the disciplinary spectrum.   

At a time when research impact is seen as being increasingly important, insights from social science research are integral to addressing research questions relating to issues such as societal cohesion, conflict, poverty, and well-being, as well as issues that start from questions initiated in for example, engineering, computing, medicine, the natural and physical sciences.  Working collaboratively across the disciples can generate new understandings with significant implications for knowledge creation, policy and practice.  It offers a rich resource for engaging government departments, policy makers and practitioners about ways of improving social and economic outcomes for, and well-being of, individuals, groups and society.

Join UCL’s Collaborative Social Science Domain
If you are a member of UCL research staff and would like to join the UCL Collaborative Social Science community, simply select the IRIS Collaborative Social Science theme when you complete/update your IRIS profile.  Also, please sign-up for our email updates and follow us on Twitter.

Leadership and governance
The Domain is chaired by Professor Carey Jewitt (Professor of Learning and Technology, Knowledge Lab, Culture, Communication & Media, Institute of Education, UCL).  The Chair is supported by a Steering Group composed of researchers from across UCL.   Steering Group members oversee the Domain’s activities and champion its mission across departments, faculties and networks.   The Domain has a Strategic Coordinator (Michael Reade) who is a member of the SLASH/IOE Research Facilitation and Coordination Team.