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2023-24 Events

13 March (2-4pm)
Are you a UCL Social Science Mid-Career Researcher?
Room G01, Ground Floor, Central House, 14 Upper Woburn Place, London WC1H 0NN
Do you want to meet other mid-career social science researchers from across UCL, share your experiences, frustrations, ideas for change, and generate some practical solutions? Register to participate in this interactive, solution focused workshop (25-30 people) and help formulate a sustained programme of activities (2024 – 2028) that will address some of the challenges encountered by Mid-Career Researchers at UCL.

8 February 2024 (10.30am-11.30am)
Social Science Plus: What Makes a Good Application?
This online Teams session will be led by Professor Carey Jewitt (Chair, UCL Collaborative Social Science Domain) / Knowledge Lab, IOE

UCL’s Collaborative Social Science Domain's Social Science Plus 2024-25 call will open shortly.  Our scheme offers £10K for IOE/SHS social scientists to lead cross-disciplinary pilot projects that will lay the basis for a major external funding application, with colleagues from across wider UCL. Since 2017-18 our scheme has supported 15 pilot projects that have helped PI’s apply for external funding worth over £1 million to date.   The scheme is competitive, with around a 13% success rate and two awards made per call.  The application form is not lengthy or complex, but applications need to be high quality and align with the aim and criteria of the scheme. 

9 November 2023
You are what you wear.  Can you dress well, feel good and save the planet at the same time? 
Led by Katerina Fotopoulou,  Professor in Psychodynamic Neuroscience, Psychoanalysis Unit, Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, Brain Sciences, UCL
Join our interactive workshop exploring how a textile circular economy can serve our wellbeing, while also saving the planet.  The session focuses on the psychology of wellbeing revealing that while narrow, hedonic interpretations of wellbeing are partly responsible for our culture of fast fashion and fast ecological destruction, alterative concepts of eudaimonic, and ‘long-term’ wellbeing can be leveraged to pursue sustainability in fashion.
This event formed part of the 2023 ESRC Festival of Social Science
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