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2020-21 Events

20 July 2021
Ask us Anything
Are you an Early Career Researcher interested in collaborative research, but not sure where to get started? Applying for a collaborative grant, but want to be aware of potential challenges? Or are you right in the middle of a collaborative project and would appreciate some advice? Then this event is for you! Further details

9 June 2021
Collaborative Social Science meet up & planning session

This is a chance to chat about shared research interests and to plan activities together. We'll be using a platform called Wonder that allows us to move around and talk to each other about different themes, almost like real life. Everyone is welcome to suggest themes and plans. Ideas so far include:
•    Discussion groups and reading groups
•    In-person meet ups
•    Co-writing a manifesto for collaborative social science
•    Pairing up to read each other's online profiles and offer feedback from the perspective of someone from another field

19 May 2021
Collaborative social science: establishing connections and looking forward
All early career colleagues are warmly invited to this event by UCL's Collaborative Social Science Domain Early Career Network. We’ll introduce the domain and co-ordinating group to ECRs across the University, setting out our goals and plans for the year. Together we’ll reflect on key challenges that we face in generating and doing collaborative social science research as ECRs.  Further details and registration